Sunday A.M. Radio: Bing & Ruth

Short writing is something I’m interested in. I’ve written haiku for many years now and one of the things I like most about it is its ambiguous nature. A good haiku should never give too much away. It should create space for the reader to wander around. The same goes for other kinds of short writing, like the poems of Rae Armantrout, a poet that I’ve been reading a lot of lately, or these six word stories. They don’t tell too much. They just open a door and invite you to come in. They give you a space to think.

The ambient group Bing & Ruth take their name from a very short story by Amy Hempel and their music seeks to create the same effect. Never giving too much away, but letting listeners come to conclusions for themselves. This is kind of obvious, but it’s something I like about instrumental ambient music. The meaning of the song is not so apparent. Does a song even need meaning, besides whatever meaning you chose to give it? Sit back and experience some tracks from Bing & Ruth.

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Mike Andrelczyk is a features editor for Fly Magazine. He is a graduate of Penn State University and currently lives with his wife Stacey in Strasburg. Interests include tennis, playing bad guitar, poetry (poems have appeared in Modern Haiku, The Inquisitive Eater and other journals) and oneirology – the study of dreams – mostly in the form of afternoon naps. His name appears in the title screen of Major League 2.

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