Sunday A.M. Radio: Avril 14 on April 17

I know April 14 was three days ago, but April 17 is still close enough to celebrate one of the best Aphex Twin songs: “Avril 14.” Aphex Twin – the UK-based electronic music pioneer – is probably the most innovative artist in the genre since Brian Eno. His compositions range from lush atmospheric pieces to jittery drum and bass jams.

“Avril 14” is a beautiful minimalist piano melody from the 2001 album “Drukqs.” Aphex Twin has a way of making music that is simultaneously melancholic and tranquil. Leave it to Kanye West to take “Avril 14” and turn it into a controversy. West used a section of the song to make up the backbone of his “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” track “Blame Game.” Then, according to Aphex Twin (real name: Richard D. James), West refused to compensate James for the music, claiming he’d written it himself. C’mon Kanye.

Here’s “Avril 14” from “Drukqs.” If this track isn’t long enough for you (and it could never be long enough for me), here’s the extended version.

And here’s Kanye’s song “Blame Game.” I don’t know, I don’t really see the similarity…

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