Street Corner Symphony lend their voices to the Carlisle Theatre

Isn’t the continuing popularity of a cappella music amazing? Of all the 19th century traditions to continue unabated into 2016, a cappella was not an obvious choice. We’re living in a time with an immensely popular movie trilogy dedicated to competitive singing, not even to mention the myriad of singing shows that popped up after the first “Pitch Perfect” film came out. This is not to say that a cappella doesn’t deserve the attention. It’s the opposite: in an age with access to hundreds of sounds and instruments, it’s amazing that people will still sit up and take notice of a group simply singing harmoniously.

Street Corner Symphony is one such group. Comprised of six guys from Nashville, Tenn., the group hit the national scene in 2010, narrowly coming in second on NBC’s “The Sing-Off” competition show. The group they lost to? A little-known collective known as Pentatonix. The guys will be bringing their impressive cadre of songs to the Carlisle Theatre on Saturday night, May 7. Opening the night will be a slice of local a cappella in the form of York College’s Rhapsody. The show begins at 7:30 p.m. and tickets start at $20. For more information, check here.


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