Stereoma debuts "Movement" - the title track to new record

Lancaster-based alt-rockers Stereoma recently released “Movement” – the title track to their first full-length album, slated to come out on January 15.

“The album took a full year to make,” says guitarist, vocalist and lyricist Nick Curran. “I wanted to make a pretty straightforward rock record, but there are definitely some pretty lush and majestic moments on there.”

That’s definitely the case with the single, “Movement,” which resembles the psych-pop of early MGMT. The pounding rhythms and manic energy of the rock guitars and synths on the track offer a cathartic release from the paranoid lyrics, which reflect a detached, hallucinatory state of mind – a recurring theme of the record, says Curran.

“I spend a lot of time in my own world,” says Curran. “And that world doesn’t make a lot of sense sometimes. It’s my world and this song is kind of a statement to that. It’s like ‘This is how I am. Deal with it.'”

Curran may be contradicting himself when he sings “You know the best songs / they come in six-eight time,” because “Movement” is written in the standard rock time signature of four-four. “Movement” is a super-catchy song that will have fans looking forward to the full release. Stream and download “Movement” from Stereoma’s Soundcloud page.



Stereoma is opening for Andrew W.K. at the Chameleon Club in Lancaster on December 13. Get tickets here.


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