"State Lines": Watch the New Video from Lancaster's seasonal

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For anyone who’s ever driven around Millersvile and headed towards Washington Boro in Lancaster County, the scenes from seasonal’s new video, “State Lines,” are definitely recognizable. Seemingly endless rows of corn, the Enola Low Grade Trail, the windmills at the top of Turkey Hill.

And for anyone who’s seen the cover of the band’s new EP, The World We Chose to See, the final destination in the video is also distinguishable – a lone dock on the Susquehanna River that seasonal guitarist Josh Sperow photographed for an art project at Millersville University and used for the cover art of the album. (Read about the band and their art in the Fly music profile for July.)

The video for “State Lines” perfectly illustrates Ethan McDonnell’s melancholy lyrics – driving through the countryside while contemplating lost love:

“Farmland and freshly mown grass carries you through my window,
I can hardly see the road,
And I still taste you from time to time in the water,
You’re every color in this sleeping town,

“You’re every color in my sleepless body

“And I can’t forget the curve in your lips when you said you’d be leaving
Cause there’s a big flat world out there and I only
Stick to the same few roads when I’m driving around at night

“And nostalgia grows like vines throughout my veins

“I am so defeated,
But you won’t catch me down and out.
Your hair was pulled back (cut short)
When state lines defined what is infidelity.”

Directed and photographed by friends Ben Miller and Joseph Watts, “State Lines” is the next artistic step for the Lancaster-based band. They have several upcoming shows for fans who haven’t seen them live, including a free upcoming performance during Music Friday at BUiLDiNG CHARACTER on the 300 block of North Queen Street in Lancaster on August 21 from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

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