Start your Monday off with some new Beck

Kanye West may not have known who he is at this year’s Grammy Awards, but anyone with any musical sense over the last two decades will probably have a pretty good idea who Beck Hansen is.

The creator of two of Rolling Stone magazine’s Top 500 Albums of All Time (Odelay and Sea Changes) and winner of Album of the Year at this year’s Grammy’s for Morning Phase, Beck has made a career out of reinventing himself after each new release.

After he released his first hit album – Mellow Gold – in 1994, Beck famously expressed dismay that none of the songs on the anti-folk classic were “danceable,” so he decided to move into a more electronic direction with beats to move to on stage and in the crowd. Songs like “Devil’s Haircut” and “The New Pollution” on Odelay and “Sexx Laws” and “Mixed Bizness” on Midnite Vultures took his dancing skills to new levels.

Flash forward to today, and Beck is back with his first release since Morning Phase – “Dreams,” which is a five minute single that’s destined to be the dance track of the summer, all as Beck gets ready to go back out on the road with more two-step ammunition. Take a listen:

Maybe Kanye will be able to dance to this one.


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