Spill: Former Placeholder & We Were Skeletons members debut new project (Brooklyn Vegan)

Photographer: Spill / Facebook

I missed Placeholder’s farewell show in December.

The Lancaster-based post-hardcore band was one that has been on my radar but, for whatever reason, I just never got to see them live. I liked their page, though. Streamed their music at work. Though my musical leanings are typically more Americana-infused (although lately, a bit more ambient and electronic), every now and again, an afternoon slump or early morning needed just the right amount of punch to get the juices flowing. Placeholder delivered that punch for me. Seeing them in a live setting was on my to-do list. I just plain old missed the boat.

Good news came today, however, as the Placeholder FB page posted a link to the band page for Spill, a new project combining Placeholder’s Brandon Gepfer and members from another defunct Lancaster hardcore band, We Were Skeletons. Clicking through led me to a Brooklyn Vegan post debuting a stream of Spill’s single, “Sucks Either Way.” BV writer Andrew Sacher describes the track perfectly:

The new song’s a little calmer than their past projects, not that that’s a bad thing though. It’s a mid-tempo rocker recalling Let It Be/Tim-era Replacements, and Spill does that sound justice while giving it their own spin too. (Brooklyn Vegan)

Stream the track here, and mark your calendars for Spill’s Lancaster debut on April 6 at the Fulton Street Arts Cooperative with Diarrhea Planet and Left & Right. (Show details here)



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