So is Khal Drogo returning to Game of Thrones or what?

Okay, so before you get upset: Yes, we know, it doesn’t happen in the book. Unfortunately/fortunately, depending on how you’re looking at it and what specific discrepancy you’re referring to, a lot of stuff that happens in the show doesn’t happen in the book, and vice versa. Also, I’m not giving spoilers for things that happened in the first season, like, uh, Khal Drogo dying.

So here’s the deal: Jason Momoa has been posting a lot of Game of Thrones-related content on ye aulde Instagramme – and taking some of it down. He’s also using the catchphrase ALOHA DROGO on several of them. Repeatedly. Sure, yeah, okay, “aloha” can serve as both “hello” and “goodbye” – but Momoa’s been off the show for a while. Drogo died seasons and seasons ago. Why would he just be saying goodbye to the character now? Check out this post from three months ago, in which he proves that nobody’s a bigger Emilia Clarke fan than Jason Momoa:

Now, check out this recent photo of Momoa with several of his GoT pals:

Is it wishful thinking? Maybe. Is he just catching up with old buds while he’s in Belfast? Probably. Would it be a plot twist that would actually be kind of awesome if the incredibly talented Momoa made a return to the show, thereby bringing back a fan favorite character? Yes.

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