Small batch, small price: Tasman Red at Shank's Tavern

I’ll always have a soft spot for the Sam Adams brand.

For a big chunk of my formative beer-drinking years, Sam was the only non-terrible option in vast swaths of the bar landscape. Founder Jim Koch was a guy who seemed to fight for his product with a passion borne of his belief in better beer, and I always respected that.

Now, of course, the craft beer scene is enormous and crowded, and Sam Adams has grown to become the establishment; a massive, monolithic entity for upstart brewers to rebel against. Fair enough, I guess – that’s how change works.

But I still drink Sam Adams products from time to time, and I almost always enjoy them – especially the limited edition and small batch series.

Tonight, you can try out one of those small-batch options – Tasman Red, a very good red IPA made with Tasmanian hop strains – for a small price (just $6 for a 22-oz. bomber) at Shank’s Tavern in Marietta.

Tasman is by no means a rare beer, but it’s also not something you see every day. It’s well worth picking up, especially when it’s on sale.

So get out to Shank’s tonight and try it while it lasts – and while you’re there, check out open mic night, starting at 7:30.


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Jed Reinert is the content editor of Fly After 5. His prior experiences include playing in short-lived bands, writing poetry about diners, being hit by a car while skateboarding, witnessing a casino robbery in Las Vegas, and hand-developing a vintage roll of film that turned out to contain candid photos of Adolf Hitler. His interests include craft beer, indie rock, Star Wars and eating as much food as possible.

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