Shazam app show heading to FOX

Is there a harsher place for dreams to die than in the fancy office of a television executive? When you stop and think about the sheer number of shows pitched and destroyed in just the last 20 years alone, it could take your breath away. In the future, when publications take a look at the curio known as “Beat Shazam,” they’ll wonder how this show made it not only past a pitch meeting, but actually into the world.

Actually, there’s no need to wait until the future, let’s take a closer look at this thing now. The show, which was spurred on by producer de jure Mark Burnett (who is responsible for “Survivor” but also “The Apprentice”), is based on the popular Shazam app, which recognizes songs through compressed acoustic fingerprints.

“Beat Shazam,” which is sounding more and more like the old game show “Name That Tune” except with a computer as we go on, will have individuals attempting to recognize a song. You might be asking, “Fly After 5 Content Creator, how will this work? Why would a human being have any chance against a phone app that is literally programmed to do the single purpose of song recognition? Why has God forsaken us?” On that note, how long do you think it would take for Shazam to recognize Joan Osbourne’s “One Of Us?” We would say, well, those sound like questions for Mark Burnett.

As brands desperately try to find fancy new legs to stand on in the coming years, shows with built-in recognition like these will become the new normal. We barely made it through “The Angry Birds Movie,” but the Minecraft film is already in the pipeline and renewed interest in Pokemon will undoubtedly get a few more movies pumped out. And these are properties based on characters and somewhat pre-existing storylines! How about a reality show where contestants try to find a secret location and compete against a self-driving Google Maps car? Maybe a drinking contest against a sentient Untappd app? I would suggest a love story involving a Tinder meet cute, but I’m sure that Franken-script has already made the rounds of a few executive offices.

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