Season 6 of 'Community' now on Hulu

If  you’re a real Human Being like the rest of us, you probably love “Community.” The cult-favorite show has been through a mountain of ups and downs since its premiere in 2009, but it somehow fulfilled at least half of the #SixSeasonsandaMovie prophecy with the help of Yahoo Screen. Yahoo relaunched its video service to attempt to focus on original series, and they launched this effort with the recently cancelled (for the third time) “Community.” Although many familiar faces stuck around, just as many didn’t, and that coupled with the general disinterest in premium Yahoo content left season 6 like a satellite looming out in space.

However, thanks to a deal struck last week between Yahoo and Hulu, season 6 is now already up on Hulu with the first five. Yahoo had already passed on making a seventh season, but series creator Dan Harmon was quoted as recently as July saying that he’d prefer to get the cast together for a film anyway. While it’s doubtful that he could corral Chevy Chase back into the fold, years of life at Greendale has shown that anything is possible if you’re streets ahead. Click here to watch “Community” on Hulu, though be warned: This Yahoo deal also signaled the end of free streaming on Hulu.

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