Saturday night's concert picks

Saturday night is both alright for a fight AND for great shows to see in the area. If you’re without plans still, why don’t you check out one of these cool shows happening tonight?

Mountain Ride

According to Mountain Ride, they play bluegrass music that is both traditional and progressive. Whether or not that means they’re at the intersection of The Carter Family and Yes is up to you to decide when they play their tunes at the Appalachian Brewing Company tonight at 9 pm. Tickets are $7 and if you’re a fan purely acoustic instruments, you should definitely be there. Listen to “Silo” below:


Perennial Hot Topic favorites are no strangers to The Chameleon Club stage. This time, they’ll primarily performing cuts from their new album Silence in the Snow and if guitarist Corey Beaulieu is to be believed, their new music has an arena sound inspired by Dio. Best believe that your hair will be blown back by the riffage. The show starts at 7 pm and tickets are $10.57-$20.

Maceo Parker

Mr. Parker has served in bands under both James Brown and George Clinton, but he’s been blazing his own trail as a bandleader since the early ’90s. In February he’ll be in town as one of the main headliners of the 3rd annual Roots & Blues Festival. Get a sneak preview of what songs and arrangements he’ll be bringing us tonight at the Ardmore Music Hall. Tickets are $28-$50.



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