Monday Music Pick: Rozwell Kid, "Hummus Vacuum"

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Back in 2011, Jordan Hudkins was looking to create a new musical project based on his love of alternative and punk rock. The resident of the sleepy town of Martinsburg, WV, along Interstate 81 created the band Rozwell Kid and released a self-titled LP on Bandcamp, featuring comical lyrics in songs like “Ace Ventura Pt. 3” and “Hawaiian Shirt” with serious burning guitar riffs.

In four short years, Rozwell Kid has grown into a solid rock quartet featuring Adam L. Meisterhans on guitar, Devin Donnelly on bass and vocals and Sean Halock on drums. They’ve escaped the quiet confines of wild, wonderful West Virginia for tours across the country and worked with prominent indie labels like Broken World (which also features Lancaster-based band Spill) and Infinity Cat Recordings.

Call their sound what you like – power pop, slacker rock, post-grunge – all that matters is it rocks with straight-ahead guitar and a sense of humor. It reminds me of current bands like Diarrhea Planet (read my interview from the April edition of Fly), Philly bands like Free Energy and Drgn King and classic alternative bands like Weezer and The Darkness.

Rozwell Kid released its newest EP, Good Graphics, back in March, continuing to build on their sound from other recent releases like 2014’s Too Shabby and 2013’s Unmacho. One of the standout tracks from Good Graphics is a 3:36 ode to bad eating habits – “Hummus Vacuum.” Hudkin’s lyrics play on poor late-night decisions of drunken munchies and looking for a healthy alternative in the form of chickpeas, tahini and olive oil:

“My guts are twisted from
that burger I ate in the parking lot in the dark
And I don’t like what I see looking back now
Oh no

“My face is twisted from
that pizza slice I ate when your back was turned
And I don’t like what I see when I look back
Oh no

“Guzzle it down by the pound
Can’t get enough
I’m a hummus vacuum
It’s healthy for me, can’t O.D.
But something’s wrong
I’m a hummus vacuum.”

Rozwell Kid plays Monday, August 10 in the Lizard Lounge of the Chameleon Club along with bands Soda Bomb of Long Island and local acts The Plums and Tyler Burkhart. The show starts at 7 p.m., and tickets are $10 at the door.



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