Ronnie James Dio rises again in hologram form

Photographer: Sandro Campardo, Keystone/AP

Everyman of heavy metal, Ronnie James Dio, died six years ago in 2010 after fighting stomach cancer. That doesn’t mean that you missed the chance to see former frontman of Ronnie Dio and the Prophets (who also performed in, you know, Elf, Dio, Heaven & Hell, Rainbow, and Black Sabbath) perform live, though… well, in a manner of speaking.

At Wacken Open Air, a German metal festival, a hologram of the man credited with first throwing up the famous devil horns in a musical context made its stage debut.

Eyellusion, a hologram production company that focuses on incorporating their creations into live music performance, created the cyber version of Dio. His performance of much-loved encore song “We Rock” was a surprise to the attendees, but you’ve got to imagine that it was simultaneously terrifying and awesome to see the image of the deceased rock star throw up the horns once more. Eyellusion says they’re hoping to take this show on the road, and expand holo-Ronnie’s repertoire.

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