Rolling with the tacos: El Taco Camino

Photographer: c/o El Taco Camino Instagram / inset image Renee Ellis

The mysterious masked mobile taco purveyors


A 1968 Chevy El Camino with purple flames painted on it pulls up to the curb. Out pop “The Lunchadors,” masked servers intent on pile-driving a few tacos down your gullet.

What began as a few friends joking about a crazy idea has now become the most unique way to grab tacos on the go in Central PA – El Taco Camino. The business on wheels is owned by Rob McGrath, who also owns Roburrito’s, the popular burrito chain located primarily in York with a satellite location in downtown Lancaster. Quickly realizing he was unable to juggle all his ventures, he enlisted the help of Sarah Lyon, a manager at many of the Roburrito’s locations. Lyon was quite familiar with the food industry.

“I actually started working with catering services when I was about 13, and I’ve been involved in the food industry ever since,” Lyon says.

El Taco Camino originally started as a catering service, showing up at local events. Lyon has since expanded the service to meet the needs of the hungry public, scheduling weekly stops at various local bars like Holy Hound Taproom in York and Thistle Finch Distillery in Lancaster. Lyon notes also that El Taco Camino is a regular feature at events like Foodstruck, mall openings and even at weddings.


That’s not to say there’s not some difficulty with running a taco operation out of the back of an old car.

“It breaks down constantly,” says Lyon. “But we’re pretty good at figuring a way to get there.”

Currently, El Taco Camino serves three different kinds of tacos – pulled pork, steak and green bean.

“We wanted an alternative for vegetarians, so we tried using green beans and they’ve actually become a huge hit with our customers,” she says. The truck will also offer chips and salsa, and homemade limeade.

El Camino travels around the Central PA area throughout the month, using social media as a way for customers to track them down.

“I think it’s a great way for folks to interact with us on Facebook and Instagram,” Lyon says. “Everyone is always on the lookout for where we’re going to be heading next.”

Folks wanting to track them down can locate them on their website or Facebook page.

As for Lyon, she couldn’t think of a good Luchador name at the time, but she does promise to drop a flying elbow on your tastebuds.


• Various locations around Central PA; 668-7535
• Hours vary
• $5.50 – $7.50


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