Roll Out the Barrels: Armstrong Valley's sponsorship program

You’ve probably heard of a trail sponsorship, or a highway sponsorship – but have you ever heard of a barrel sponsorship? For the supporters of small businesses and vine lovers among us, Armstrong Valley Vineyard and Winery is currently offering the unique opportunity to sponsor a barrel of wine – and it comes with some pretty fantastic perks. Michael DeMartinis, winemaker and proprietor, gave us the official overview.

“It’s based upon the usable life left, for us, on the barrel,” he explains. “The way we are depreciating them is over four years, and it’s basically $200 per year.” Based off of the life of the barrels currently in use, prospective barrel sponsors can choose a 2-year, 3-year, or 4-year sponsorship. The full total’s due up front – but don’t let that stop you. Groups, as well as individuals, can sponsor a barrel. Nice office bonding activity, right?

And you don’t just get the illustrious title of Official Local Wine Sponsor for your buck. Every fall for the duration of their barrel’s life, DeMartinis tells us, sponsors will receive a case of Armstrong Valley wine of their choice. This case can be twelve bottles of the same wine, or you can play sommelier and mix and match them from any of the 30+ varieties Armstrong makes. Sponsors are also offered free wine and food pairings at Armstrong’s three annual festivals.  If that’s not enough, an honorary plaque will be affixed to your chosen barrel, and said barrel will be given to you upon its retirement at the end of your sponsorship.

When asked for any ideas on how to use a giant wine barrel for anything (other than its original purpose), DeMartinis has a host of interior design ideas. “Some people take them apart and use the rims or other parts to make chairs,” he offers. “Some just cut them in half and use them as planters.” Sponsors could expect their new chair/planter/water cooler in late April or early May of the year of their barrel’s retirement.

If this opportunity sounds up your alley, get in touch with the folks at the vineyard by emailing There were 22 barrels left when DeMartinis spoke with us. If you’re interested, it’s time to break those piggy banks and start making room in the basement for some choice vino.

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