Every month, the Fly staff chooses four concerts that we think are worth making the trip out of Central PA to see. This month, we have Luna, Sun Kil Moon, Disclosure and Vintage Trouble. Here’s Fly Feature Editor, Mike Andrelczyk on why you need to see Sun Kil Moon at the Theatre of Living Arts in Philadelphia.

Maybe you think Sun Kil Moon’s Mark Kozelek is an ass. Maybe you’re right. I don’t know him. I do know I like his music a lot, though. Benji was one of my favorite albums of 2014. Lately, Kozelek has been writing diss tracks with the inexhaustible fury of a mid-’90s gangsta rapper. (Targets include indie darlings War on Drugs and the Ottawa Blues Fest.) Maybe Kozelek is an insensitive ass. He doesn’t do much to dissuade people from getting that impression, but songs like “Jim Wise,” “I Love My Dad” and “Ben’s My Friend” feature Kozelek murmuring some poignant (and often funny) unfiltered lines of poetry. Of course, lots of jerks make beautiful works of art. So, who knows? Go to the TLA show and decide for yourself, at the very least you’ll find out what’s eating Kozelek these days.

Ben’s My Friend – Sun Kil Moon


Sun Kil Moon performs at the Theatre of Living Arts on Saturday, October 10. More info.

What shows are you road trippin’ for this month?


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