Remembering Tupac

All the think pieces the internet can hold probably wouldn’t be enough to break down the life and importance of one Tupac Amaru Shakur. Twenty years ago, he died, or he didn’t. He’s been memorialized in every fashion, and since his exit, pop culture hasn’t really been able to let go. He even had an appropriately ghostly cameo at the end of last year’s greatest hip-hop album, “To Pimp a Butterfly,” in the form of a re-worked interview with Kendrick Lamar. Today, we won’t bore you with a 10,000-word post on why Tupac was one of the best to ever do it or how or why hip-hop changed since he’s been around or who the “Tupac of today” is. Instead, check out this carefully curated playlist of some of the man’s masterworks, rare cuts and features. It’s really the only appropriate thing to do.

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