Red Hot Chili Peppers premiere new single 'Dark Necessities'

It’s easy to forget just how long the Red Hot Chili Peppers have been around. For a personal reference, I was born right around when the eternal “Under The Bridge” was released as a single in March of 1992. And the band began 10 years before that. All of this begin said, the Chili Peppers have a wide swath of deeply enjoyable jams that run the gamut from their George Clinton-influenced early funk work to their later stadium jams. Their last album, 2011’s “I’m With You” marked a major change with beloved guitarist John Frusciante leaving to be replaced by Gnarls Barkley band member Josh Klinghoffer.

At this point chronologically, the Chili Peppers are looking at releasing their own “Voodoo Lounge” equivalent with their upcoming album, “The Getaway.” The first single, “Dark Necessities,” premiered today. Confirmed good news for those un-offended by Flea’s National Anthem technique: there is a lot of slap bass! Sonically, the song brings to mind some of the best songs from “By The Way.” It will be interesting to see how Danger Mouse tweaks the production work that Rick Rubin had previously been providing steadily since 1989’s “Mother’s Milk.”(!!) “The Getaway” is slated for release on June 17. Check out “Dark Necessities” below.



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