Reasons to not go shopping on Black Friday...

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Doorbuster deals be damned. Here’s a brain buster for you: while the rest of the world shops til they drop (read: becomes a Youtube sensation or ends up on the local TV network news talking about just how stoked they are to get the season’s hottest ticket items), there’s a lot of really cool shit that they aren’t doing. Follow me here. That means there’s a solid chance that you are likely to find your way to the front of the line – if there’s even a line at all – at things/events/places that are much, much more awesome than standing in line at things/events/places that are way, way less awesome. Sounds easy, right?

Besides, you should be saving your energy and Benjamin Franklins for Small Business Saturday and keep that cash flowing in the local community. But you knew that.

In any case, here’s what we’re eyeing today for some non-shopping Black Friday action.


Roundtop Mountain opens today

Roundtop Mountain Resort

Snow is like the delicious icing on a really terrible cake. With winter’s sub-freezing temperatures and frigid winds, it’s no wonder seasonal affective disorder exists (yes, the medical community really gave seasonal depression a name with the acronym SAD). But the novelty of snow, I’ve long argued, makes the winter cold worth it. Or at least bearable. Well back to the cake analogy – if snow is the icing, then skiing and snowboarding are the candles that, it just so happens, you can maneuver between as you barrel down the mountain’s trails. Today marks the opening day for Roundtop Mountain Resort in Lewisberry (photo posted this morning to Roundtop’s Facebook page), Liberty Mountain Resort in Carroll Valley and Whitetail Resort in Mercersburg. Face it, you can shop all year round. This is ski (and tubing, and snowboarding) season.


High-end whiskey tasting in Lancaster


This one sounds a lot like shopping (you are technically buying something at a discount). But the focus here is on whiskey. Good whiskey. Rare whiskey. And lots of it. Downtown Lancaster’s POUR Wine & Beer Bar hosts The Whiskey Store event today from 2:30-4:30pm, featuring 15 quality takes on the brown water of life including some rare offerings from Jefferson’s (the Ocean was aggressively barrel-aged on a container ship at sea for six months), Suntory (did you even know that the Japanese make something other than sake?) and some fantastic single malts from Laphroaig.


Americana music tonight


Americana fans – consider yourself in a pickle. It’s a good dilemma, though. Tonight, the region has some fantastic folkified music comin’ atcha. Lancaster-based alt-country-rock outfit Slimfit makes plays its fiftth annual Black Friday show at Lancaster Dispensing Co., while Philly roots-rockers Hoots & Hellmouth make their fifth annual Black Friday appearance at the Strand-Capitol in York. Up in Harrisburg, The Hackensaw Boys bring the high-energy Appalachian-infused roots-grass action to the Abbey Bar at Appalachian Brewing Co.  Decisions, decisions…


What’s on your agenda for today?


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