Rage Against The Machine, Chuck D, B-Real to form supergroup

Well, that was quick. Yesterday, we reported with a twinkle in our eye that Rage Against the Machine had launched a new website, ProphetsofRage.com, hinting that something would be happening on the first of June. “Prophets of Rage,” of course, references both Rage themselves but also a Public Enemy song of the same name. At roughly the same time the website was discovered, Chuck D of Public Enemy sent out two tweets containing live footage of Rage Against the Machine. It wasn’t unreasonable to connect those two dots and draw a fairly straight line. Now, we know we were partially right.

Sources told Billboard that the band portion of Rage Against the Machine (minus frontman Zach de la Rocha) will be forming a supergroup with Chuck D of Public Enemy and, curiously, B-Real from Cypress Hill. The group will be called Prophets of Rage. Interestingly, this news comes from anonymous sources to Billboard, so as of yet, there’s still technically no official confirmation of anything other than a countdown clock on the band’s website. In hindsight, this particular news makes more sense a full-scale Rage reunion.

And if Audioslave proved anything, it was that the instrumentalists of Rage can hold a grudge for at least three full albums with another ’90s icon. Until the real news comes, keep your tin foil hats tight and blast “Bombtrack” very loudly.


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