Presidential Playlist: 10 songs for Presidents Day

There are two types of people on Presidents Day – those who have to go to work, and those who don’t. But regardless of whether you are sitting at your desk, at a conference table or on your couch, we think you deserve a soundtrack for the day. A presidential soundtrack.

We culled through our playlists and compact disc collections and found a few tracks that are either themed after or outright titled with a former U.S. president’s name. Give ’em a listen – and let us know below what we missed.


1) “William Howard Taft” – The Two Man Gentleman Band


2) “Please Mr. Kennedy” – from Inside Llewyn Davis


3) “James K. Polk” – They Might Be Giants


4) “Song to Abe Lincoln” – Roky Erickson and Bleib Alien


5) “Abe Lincoln” – Bishop Allen


6) “The Day John Kennedy Died” – Lou Reed


7) “Mr. Garfield” – Johnny Cash


8) “Funky President” – James Brown


9) “Dear Mr. President” – Fitz and the Tantrums


10) “Presidents and Magistrates” – Sufjan Stevens


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