PREMIERE: Sammy Hale Revival's hazy 'Autumn' comes into view

Sammy Hale is a wanderer. Currently playing around in Nashville, TN, the former Cult Choir-er has been taking his plaintive songs all across the country, building a reliable audience and workshopping old and new material. Hale’s first album under the moniker (Hale moonlights as Shane Graybill IRL) was an exercise in folk and country music, influenced by the likes of Patsy Cline and the Everly Brothers. Now he’s back with new music under the updated moniker The Sammy Hale Revival.

Hale’s new track, “Autumn,” is in line with the first album, but with updated, ethereal sounds backing up an acoustic guitar and tambourine. Hale’s voice calls to mind J. Tillman, the erstwhile Father John Misty. The video was made with footage from Hale’s recent trip to Scotland.

As for the song, Hale had this to say:

“The song is dedicated to my younger brother Christian, and it’s about the various struggles and changes we’ve gone through recently.”

Check out the premiere video below and check out Sammy Hale’s Bandcamp here.

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