Play the 'Meat Is Murder' game by The Smiths and PETA

Were you sitting back this morning thinking, “Gosh, I want to save cartoon animals from band saws using rainbows”?

Boy, do we have the game for you.

The Smiths and PETA have finally brought the ’80s back in a disturbing, fun way.

PETA said in a press release:

The Smiths’ 1985 classic “Meat Is Murder” is back in 8-bit form for This Beautiful Creature Must Die, PETA’s new online game that features an instrumental arcade-style version of the song on loop. Players must act quickly to save chickens, cows, pigs, and turkeys from being slaughtered by tapping the animals before they fall to the bottom of the screen — while avoiding game-ending bombs.

Yes, bombs. In addition to these poor farm animals being hacked to death, they also face bombs. You know, like IRL.

Play the game below and feel the power of “This Beautiful Creature Must Die.”

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