Pixies announce new album, release single

Frank Black and rest of the Pixies have had somewhat of a tumultuous history. Their initial classic period, from 1986-1991, birthed classic alternative rock that is still studied and copied today. A decade passed and the reunion bug bit hard, leading to dozens of well-received shows all around the world. As with all band reunions, playing the old hits is one thing, but coming up with new ones is something else entirely. Bassist Kim Deal, who has her own success with The Breeders, left the band in 2013 due to soured relationships and holding out on recording new music. The band, complete with new bassist Paz Lenchantin of A Perfect Circle, released “Indie Cindy” in 2014 to sharply divisive reviews. As their first album in 23 years, it had a lot to live up to…and it didn’t.

However, things might be turning around for the indie institution with the release of their new single “Um Chagga Lagga.” Hearkening back to the fast and loose days of “Trompe Le Monde,” “Um Chugga Lugga” sounds like unhinged Pixies, which coincidentally are the best Pixies. This song is the first single off of “Head Carrier,” which the band announced will be out on September 30. Cross your fingers and listen to the new song below.

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