#PhelpsFace takes Twitter by storm

Photographer: AP

The Olympics are a goldmine for beautiful, terrible, and – perhaps most important of all – meme-able moments. Who can forget Gabby Douglas’s incredible performance in 2012, the many gnarly wipeouts of Sochi, or Mckayla Maroney’s thoroughly unimpressed face?

Now, however, Michael Phelps, the possessor of 19 gold medals, is giving to the people not only his swimming expertise, but also his marvelous facial expressions. Behold, all ye who gather here, the exact moment that the #PhelpsFace meme came into being, when fellow Olympian Chad le Clos of South Africa did… whatever the hell this is:

Now, of course, that marvelous expression Phelps gave le Clos ended up on Twitter, as all great memes do, and there, it prospered. Take a gander.

Here, we see the classic presentation of “when [relatable event happens] [displays photo].”

And here’s the variation, “when [relatable pop culture reference] [displays photo].”

Here, the “haha but also oh damn.”

And, of course, some meta:

What are your bets for the next meme to come out of Rio? Place them in the comments.

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