Pennsylvania inches closer to 2016

Recently, Gov. Tom Wolf signed legislation paving the way for gas stations to sell six-packs of beer. As crazy as that sentence would read to, say, well over half of the Union, it was an impressive baby step for a state woefully behind in up-to-date liquor laws. Despite articles from anti-alcohol sources like this one by an owner of a local beer distributor, it seems like the tide might actually be changing toward common sense. This seems like as good a place as any for my favorite commercial:

This week, Pennsylvania took another step forward while Lancaster took roughly four steps back. The Pennsylvania House of Representatives voted 157-31 today to allow beer license holders to sell wine as well as beer in places like supermarkets and hotels. Oh, the horror!

Also this week, the Stone Mill Plaza Giant store in Lancaster was denied its liquor license for a planned beer garden connected to the store. Giant’s original plan, used at many of their stores in less draconian areas, was to clearly indicate a separation of beer and produce with the help of ropes and short vertical posts. Of course, because children might mistake a carton of Yoo-hoo for a bottle of Double Chocolate Milk Stout from Lancaster Brewing Company, the local municipality declared that Giant would have to build a permanent four-foot barrier wall. These days, wandering kids can get endangered species killed pretty easily, so who’s to say what they might do wandering into a beer garden filled with yuppies in salmon-colored shorts?


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