Oysters and brews pair up at Hunger-N-Thirst

Out of all the creatures in the seven seas, it’s safe to say some have had a stronger impact on pop culture than others. No one remembers Red Lobster Church*, but you remember Blue Öyster Cult whether you want to or not. However, for quite a long time, the humble oyster was under-appreciated locally… especially in its raw form.

Not anymore. Founded in 2013 by Chef Mick Kalata, Lancaster City Oyster Co. is looking to spark a raw bar renaissance in Central PA. Kalata is a master oyster shucker, which now heads the list of “skills you didn’t know were marketable that are actually incredibly marketable.” Lancaster City Oyster Co. is currently focused on serving events, but if you’re looking to see Kalata ply his trade before booking him for your dog’s birthday celebration, you won’t have to wait long.

Tonight from 5-9 p.m., Hunger-N-Thirst will be hosting Kalata. You’ll have every opportunity to slurp some fresh-shucked seafood… and more. It just so happens that the saltiness of oysters goes really well with many beers. Which is why Hunger-N-Thirst will also have a tap invasion from Helltown Brewing Company going on all evening. Featured brews will include Idle Hands, Rapture, and Mischievous Brown Ale, among others. Talk about a culinary experience: If you bring sunglasses and a sun umbrella, you can pretend you’re at the beach.

*This is not an actual band. Yet. Though there has to be a market for a Red Lobster-themed rock cover band.

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