Oreo debuts Swedish Fish flavor because it's gone crazy

Birthday cake was fine – I get it. You need to mix it up every once in a while as the world’s most famous cookie.

Pumpkin spice: sure, that was only a matter of time.

Fruit Punch: all right, let’s simmer down here, Oreo.

Candy Corn: I don’t even… How do you do that? Why would you do that?

And now Swedish Fish. Just stop it. Stop it right now.

How dare you, Oreo? Don’t you see the state of the world right now? We need a hero, Oreo. This isn’t amateur hour. We already lost Bowie and Prince, and now this? You’ve brought even further shame to 2016. We needed a break from disappointment, Oreo, and here you are with your slap-in-the-face cookie. It’s bad enough that your Double Stuf isn’t really double the stuff, you lying, conniving traitor – but then you lay this fish on us? For shame, Oreo. For shame.

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Blayne Waterloo is a reporter for Fly. She loves food, books, her dogs, her husband... and food.

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