'OldChella' is both real and happening in October

We here at Fly have been reeling since January due to the startling number of musician deaths we’ve been dealt in a short period. Nothing marks the passing of time quite like beloved influences passing, except for the opposite side of the coin: musicians that we, frankly, can not believe are still with us.

Though presumably booked a very long time ago, rumors started picking up a couple weeks ago that a supposed “OldChella” was in the works. Due to take place on the same festival grounds where millennial favorites like Joey Bada$$ and SZA performed only months prior, “OldChella” would feature cultural giants such as Bob Dylan, The Who and The Rolling Stones. Now, after a short spell of mystery involving sharing news the way your grandmother might (via autoplaying Facebook videos on your wall), it turns out this crazy thing is a reality. Goldenvoice promotions, the organizers behind the real Coachella, are tempting fate by having performers (whose combined age is 717 years old) play one weekend in the hot desert. Missing out on the obvious name choice, organizers chose the mostly-meaningless moniker “Desert Trip.” Despite decades (and decades) of history, most of the iconic acts have never played together. Tickets go on sale May 9 and run from a measly $199 to the rich boomer-friendly $1,600. Check out the easiest-to-read festival poster in history and a few songs you’ve probably heard below.





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