Nowacoski's Apocalypse

Photographer: Drew Nowacoski

IMG_5016Lancaster-based artist Drew Nowacoski created our zombie apocalypse-themed triptych series for the three Fly Magazine covers this month.

For the uninitiated, a triptych is a fancy word from the world of fine art that means these three pieces can combine together to make a larger scene. So, if you were worried that the badass, weapon-wielding woman on your local cover was sailing through the sea of devilish zombies all alone, you can now take heart that these ladies travel – and take care of business – together.



See how the Lancaster, Harrisburg and York covers combine to create one gory, Walking Dead-worthy scene:



Meet Drew.

Sure, a picture is worth a thousand words and whatever, but we checked in with Nowacoski to get a little insight from the artist’s mind about his creative process and outlook on the region’s art scene.


Fly Magazine: Walk me through the conceptual process for the cover. Where many artists would likely default to jack-o-lanterns with vampire teeth or some Frankenstein spin-off, you went deeper and, well, creepier.

Drew Nowacoski: I had received a call asking if I’d be interested in doing an apocalyptic Halloween cover. Zombies seemed like a no brainer…

FM: If this was the finished product, what concepts were left on the cutting room floor?

DN: We originally had a kung fu team up version featuring B-Real [from Cypress Hill] and Tim and Eric as zombies. I still might finish that just for kicks.




FM: Your portfolio stretches from commercial logos to font design to, well, zombie apocalypse magazine covers. How important is versatility in the life of a freelance artist?

DN: I’m always looking for new ways to apply what I’ve learned. Variety is the spice of life right? I think that goes for any career path.

FM: You don’t see much avant garde artwork making its way to the gallery walls on First Friday. Is there an “underground” art scene here in Central PA?

DN: There are definitely some great art spaces tucked away. Here are a few of my favorites in Lancaster:
Sunshine Art & Design (104 W. King St.)
Fulton Street Arts Cooperative (321 E. Fulton St.)
Discerning Eye Center for the Arts (12 W. New St.)

FM: There’s a lot of chatter these days about the need for more street art, public murals and the like in Central PA. What would you like to see added to the local urban landscape?

DN: I’d love to see a more robust mural program brought to our area, especially within districts that are overdue for redevelopment or refinancing. Lancaster city already has a great public arts team, so I’m sure its only a matter of time.


Wanna tell Drew how great his work is? Comment below or send him an email.
Wanna see more of his amazing imagery? Follow Nowacoski on Instagram at @visurl.

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