New York Times: Downtown Lancaster "more Instagrammable than ever"

Photographer: Rob Cardillo for

Maybe the New York Times editorial staff caught wind of our feature on Lancaster Central Market. Ok, probably not.

But still, NYT travel writer Kathryn O’Shea-Evans posted a mini photo-essay of sorts just yesterday, highlighting the Red Rose City as the “nontouristy side of Amish Country…embracing the farm-to-reclaimed-wood-table trend full tilt.” A tongue-in-cheek compliment? Probably. But hey, we’ll take it. Especially because photographer Rob Cardillo snapped some pretty stunning images around town, including Central Market, Thistle Finch Distillery, Ma(i)son, Prince Street Cafe and PhotOlé Photography.

And speaking of photography – we guess that whole “more Instagrammable than ever” part makes sense when you consider the #Lancastergram photo contest that is currently running.

Here’s a taste of what O’Shea Evans had to say:

Downtown Lancaster, Pa., long considered the nontouristy side of Amish Country, is embracing the farm-to-reclaimed-wood-table trend full tilt. A lot of that has to do with the surrounding farms of about 33,000 Amish and 42,000 Mennonites that dot Lancaster County’s lush, rolling hills near the Susquehanna River. The simplicity of life in this bucolic setting has inspired a spate of new businesses including restaurants and art studios doing things the old-fashioned way. It’s all making Lancaster more Instagrammable than ever,though in the land of plain living, that isn’t the point.

Read the full post here.



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