New Music Friday: Hamilton Leithauser+Rostam's 'A 1000 Times'

Every once in a while, even your pals at Fly After 5 can miss something great. Case-in point: Last month, former frontman of the eternally underrated Walkmen Hamilton Leithauser announced a full-length collaboration album with former Vampire Weekend-er Rostam Batmanglij under the appropriate nom de plume of…Hamilton Leighthauser+Rostam. That album, “I Had a Dream That You Were Mine,” comes out today, but during their¬†initial announcement, they dropped the video for the quasi title track, “A 1000 Times.”

As with most new partnerships made up of long-time musicians, it’s fascinating to see what each person brings out in the other. For Leithauser, it’s Rostam bringing out one of his most fiery vocal performances ever, almost recalling John Lennon’s insistence that Harry Nilsson scream every song on their own collaborative album “Pussy Cats” (which, coincidentally, the Walkmen once covered the entirety of). Rostam however, brings his winning production style that was most recently seen on Frank Ocean’s “Blond” standout “Ivy” and creates a colorful world for the song to live in.

“A 1000 Times” itself features a melody that must be 1,000 years old, with the same four chords running the entire length of the song. This may sound negative, but it’s just a testament to how quickly the song invades your brain and has you screaming along.

“I had a dream that you were mine/I had that dream a thousand times/a thousand times, a thousand times/I had that dream a thousand times”

The video takes this simple effect even further, starting with the band as children, then to the current day and finally as old men. Again, there’s technically nothing new under the sun here, but when you take all the parts together, you have a song that will more than likely last the years. Check out the video below.

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