Netflix and chill? Fly's guide to being snowed in

Whether you’ve got 20 inches of snow between you and your weekend plans, or you just really don’t feel like going to that party, we’ve got ways for you to kill time in the event of snow or sloth.

Netflix and chill… literally.

Psh, like you needed some snow to binge-watch your favorite shows. Here’s a list of what’s new this month.
Also, everyone’s favorite convicts are set to return June 17, so you’re going to want to watch the Orange is the New Black season 4 trailer obsessively until then.

Discover new music with our Roots & Blues playlist.

We’ve got six hours of music for your listening pleasure from all the artists who will perform at the Lancaster Roots & Blues Festival in February.

Enjoy cocktail hour, because it may or may not be five o’clock somewhere.

Try making a Moscow Mule the way Knock in Harrisburg does. And while you’re at it, read up on its history here. We’ve heard that the ceiling (shown below) is fun to look at after a couple drinks.

Photo by Laura Knowles

Photo by Laura Knowles

Hint: Here’s a list of which liquor stores are open the latest in Harrisburg, York and Lancaster.

  • Harrisburg:
    Fine Wine & Good Spirits
    1200 Market St
    Open until 10 PM


    Fine Wine & Good Spirits
    2076 Fruitville Pike
    Open until 10 PM

    Fine Wine & Good Spirits
    131 N Duke St #4
    Open until 7 PM

Watch some horror movies and let their scores creep you out.

You may already feel like most horror movies aren’t scary, so what makes you jump? Have fun putting this to the test.

Get to know the man behind Women Aren’t Funny.

We spoke to comedian Rich Vos about his work with his wife on the documentary begging the question, are women actually funny? This should make for an interesting debate.

Catch up on your reading list, and add another book.

We spoke to Chris Wood of The Wood Brothers, and during his interview he mentioned he was reading The Alphabet vs The Goddessa “mind-blowing book” about how what used to be matriarchal societies were turned into the patriarchal society we live in today. Yeah, heavy.

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