Music Monday Pick: Nap Eyes, "Dark Creedence"

Photographer: Photo courtesy of Steve Louie

With the U.S. Women’s Soccer team wrapping up it’s World Cup win in Vancouver, British Columbia yesterday, I thought it would be appropriate to feature a band from our neighbors to the North. Nap Eyes – hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, fits the bill perfectly.

Led by vocalist and guitarist Nigel Chapman, the principal songwriter for Nap Eyes works as a biochemist by day, which is evident by the lyrics highlighted throughout the band’s upcoming July 10 re-release of their debut LP, Whine of the Mystic, on Paradise of Bachelors records.

The lead track, “Dark Creedence,” is filed with slightly esoteric orations on physics, space and a tip of the hat to 11th century Persian scientist, poet and mathematician Omar Khayyám, who was also famous for his appreciation for wine. Chapman includes lyrics like, “Finally free, heavy iron shawls/and cold shoulders are gone./Open the key to the deeper key/To find the life that was here all along.”

“Dark Creedence” is also tinged with Chapman’s voice that sounds like a late-’60s Lou Reed singing with The Velvet Underground on White Light/White Heat.

To listen to the entire Whine of the Mystic track list, head over to Stereogum’s website to stream the album.



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