Multiple Lancaster Breweries win big at World Beer Cup

It’s not often that you know for sure you’re drinking world-class beer. It’s even less often when you’re drinking beer from your own backyard. However, at the World Beer Cup this year, numerous local breweries came home with medals. The following breweries won for the following beers:

Iron Hill Brewery won a gold medal for its Belgian-style tripel “Bedotter” beer.

Stoudt Brewing Co. won a gold medal for its Blonde Double Maibock

Lancaster Brewing Company won the gold for its Jump Seat Schwartzbier

Spring House Brewing Company won a bronze medal for its Kerplunk! Imperial Chocolate Stout

I think all of these breweries would agree that the best way to celebrate their victories is to indulge in their beers, so even if you haven’t earned one, they have. For the complete list of winners, click here.

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