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The controversial new live-action reworking of the classic anime "Ghost in the Shell" just released a full-length trailer.

Alien (1979)
Directed by Ridley Scott
Shown: Sigourney Weaver

Tonight is your only chance in the foreseeable future to catch the original "Alien" on the big screen, tonight at Penn Cinema.


In the heart-stopping "31 for 31" season finale, our hero takes a trip to the "Videodrome" and finds the true meaning of Halloween.


"Fiend Without a Face" is what happens when you mix army stock footage, sentient killer brains and not a whole lot of cash capital.


If you're looking for jump scares, killers or any other hallmarks of the last several decades of horror, "The Witch" has none of those things - and succeeds


"Near Dark" has a little something for everyone: scares for the midnight crowd, multiple explosions for the action folks and a real vampire love story for those wanting a little more from "Twilight."


The original "Funny Games" benefits from the lack of polish and name-brand American actors that filled the remake. Both, however, prey on the worst of people's fears: busting up a vacation.


If you're looking for a new-ish movie with twists and surprises that haven't been spoiled by mainstream pop culture, you are in luck with "Kill List."


Within the first ten minutes, you'll know for sure whether you love or loathe "Chopping Mall." If you're the right kind of person, it will be the former.


Of all of the "31 for 31" films thus far, no film has accomplished the high wire act of horror and (un)intentional comedy better than 1979's "Tourist Trap."



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