Movie Night with The Manhattan Short Film Festival

Looking for a movie night this weekend? Why not see 10 movies?

There are no small roles, only small films, well, short films, at the Manhattan Short Film Festival, which runs this weekend at Zoetropolis in Lancaster, the Midtown Cinema in Harrisburg and the Strand-Capitol in York. The films that qualify for the festival all have a running-time of 18-minutes or less, but they pack lots of drama, comedy and ideas into such short amount of time.

The Manhattan Short Film Festival is billed as “the world’s first global film festival,” because it receives entries from all over the world and audiences from all over the world pick the winners. More than 500 films were submitted for this year’s contest and the ten finalists are shown during the festival.

Audiences vote and the votes are tallied by festival founder Nicholas Mason. Mason gets to see the trends of film fans from all over the world. It turns out Argentinians have an affinity for animation, while New Englanders prefer a good love story.

Mason recommends getting straight back to your seat after intermission to check out the film Grounded. But you can vote for your favorite after you’ve seen them all.

Looking for even shorter movies? There are still a few days left to submit your one-minute film to the Zoetropolis One-Minute Film Festival.


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