Mondo releases Ramona Flowers figurine

So everyone likes Scott Pilgrim, right? You either read the comics or loved the movie. Now, you have an opportunity to collect a pocket-size version of that most hairtastic heroine, Ramona Flowers, from Mondo. This action figure has been long awaited, but, at last, you can finally get your hands on it. Today, July 28, at 1 p.m. EST, they’ll release this super-adorable figurine for preorder (image courtesy of Mondo). This Ramona is a painstaking reconstruction of what the character looked like in her volume four appearance during her skirmish with her Evil Ex, Roxie.

ramona 1

Adorable, right? She’ll also come with her hammer (not pictured), which makes an appearance in both book and movie canon (though only in the movie does she use it against Roxie). This version of the figurine will run you $50.

Yes, we said “this version.” There’s a Mondo-exclusive version, available for preorder for only 72 hours, that comes with all the standard version’s accessories, plus a tiny Scott Pilgrim peeking out from the subspace suitcase.

ramona 2

Precious. This version will run you $55. Demand for this is likely to be mega-strong, so if you want your own figurine, be on that site way ahead of time and refresh like wild.

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