Monday Music Pick: Zane Campbell, "Fess Up"

Photographer: Photo courtesy of Travis Kitchens

The first time I heard the name Zane Campbell was about a month ago when I was coming home from the Foo Fighter’s 20th anniversary show at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C.

My friend and I were were listening to WTMD out of Towson, Md., when an interview came on with Campbell. I was intrigued by his quirky stories, his artistic pursuits and the fact that he had written more than 2,000 songs in his lifetime.

But I became completely engrossed in his music when I went home and found his new self-titled album on Bandcamp. Made up of 11 tracks of some of the most honest country songs you’ll ever hear, the album quickly went on heavy rotation in my house.

One song in particular – “Fess Up” – really caught my attention. Full of longing and brutal morality, the lyrics really sparked something within me. It’s easy to tell Campbell is not afraid to address his dark side and come out the other end with a clear understanding of himself:

“Places I’ve gone/People don’t come back alive/And the things I have done/Half of them I’m going to deny/Let them make up their own stories/The juicier the better.”

It goes on to feature the chorus, “But please don’t talk to me like/I’ve got to fess up to you/I’ve got one judge, I don’t need two/Please do unravel it all/I feel sorry for you/’Cause that’s gonna’ be a little hard to do.”

 Read about Campbell’s hard-knock life in this month’s Fly music feature.



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