Mixological Warfare: Red Rose City Cocktail Wars come to downtown Lancaster

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Anyone who’s spent time in any hole in the wall that serves alcohol, from a high end club to a dive bar – or, hell, a weekend get-together in suburbia – knows that booze can be polarizing. After all, there are self-described beer people, there are liquor people, there are wine people and there are mixed drink people. And for those unfamiliar with the latter, it can be a bit intimidating navigating the world of cocktails. What do you order? What do all these different names mean? Does vodka even taste good with all that tomato juice? Are you supposed to dunk grilled cheese in it? Do you eat these garnishes?

Well, never fear: whether you’re a cocktail devotee or a stranger in mixed-drinks-land looking to branch out, tonight’s Red Rose City Cocktail Wars are here. Hosted by FatPigs at The Brickyard, bartenders representing a variety of Central PA bars – from The Horse Inn and Brendee’s Irish Pub in Lancaster to the Paxtang Grill in Harrisburg – are gathering to showcase some high-quality cocktails and, potentially, a healthy bit of trash talk. (OK, maybe just the cocktails. Perhaps our vision of “cocktail wars” has been influenced by Game of Thrones.). You can get tickets in advance for $10 at select bars; full listing for presales are here. (Yeah, you’re cutting it a little close for presales, but no worries – tickets are also sold at the door for $15.)

So what do those tickets get you? Access to the competition itself at The Brickyard in Lancaster, for starters. In addition, you’ll be able to sample and pass your judgement to help award the greatest cocktails in the city. The collected votes of the attendees will determine what cocktail will hold the Iron Barstool. Or bragging rights. Whatever floats your boat. The battle rages from 6-9 p.m. Be there.


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