Metallica announces new album ' Self-Destruct'

Listen, we understand that right now, everyone is still losing their minds over the new Frank Ocean album. However, take a break from that smooth R&B to check out new music from the best metal grandfathers around, Metallica.

They announced a new 80 minute double album titled “Hardwired…to Self Destruct,” and after reading that fact, you probably know which side of the fence you fall on. This will be the band’s first album since the Lou Reed team-up “Lulu” in 2011. Along with the announcement, Metallica released the first single, “Hard Wired,” as well. Though we must stress that it is NOT a Frank Ocean song, it’s still a reliably thunderous Metallica song, so that’s something. “Hardwired…to Self-Destruct” will bloom up on November 18. Check out the song and tracklist below.


Disc One
01 “Hardwired”
02 “Atlas, Rise!”
03 “Now That We’re Dead”
04 “Moth Into Flame”
05 “Am I Savage?”
06 “Halo On Fire”

Disc Two
01 “Confusion”
02 “Dream No More”
03 “ManUNkind”
04 “Here Comes Revenge”
05 “Murder One”
06 “Spit Out The Bone”

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