Messina's Pizza in Stewartstown will begin beer delivery in March

Photographer: File photo (provided by Teddy Keares)

Remember when news broke back in December that restaurants with a retail liquor license are now able to apply for a “transport-for-hire” license and deliver beer? (If you don’t, our friends at Shumaker Williams kindly spelled things out on their booze law blog, Barrels & Barristers.)

Well according to a post to their Facebook page, Messina’s Pizza & Restaurant in Stewartstown has been approved for the expanded license and will begin offering beer delivery starting March 1.

As with most areas of the PLCB liquor code, there are some pretty clear-cut regulations associated with the “transport-for-hire” license (which, by the way, costs about $1,000 to acquire). For starters, delivery is limited to “malt or brewed beverages,” things that we commonly refer to as “beer.” The sale transaction must take place on the premises of the licensed establishment, so that means all orders must be placed with a credit or debit card. You are, however, allowed to tip the delivery guy or gal in cash. (We recommend that you do this.) Finally, customers can order a maximum of 192 ounces, which equates to two six-packs of 16-ounce beers. (PBR pounders, anyone?)

Although this is just the first approved license we’ve seen, we expect to see more sub and pizza shops – places already equipped with a delivery staff and offering six-packs to-go – to follow suit.


What do you think about six-pack delivery? Will you use it?


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