Medusa's Disco premieres 8-bit game 'Medusa's Pixel'

Photographer: Angel Dulak

For bands these days, sometimes the music just isn’t enough. Musicians can spend months carefully crafting songs, spend hundreds of dollars and even more time recording and polishing off some an album, only for no one to hear it when the time comes. That’s why it always helps to have a gimmick or two up your sleeve.

On Friday, local psychedelic mainstays Medusa’s Disco released the trailer for their new 8-bit video game, “Medua’s Pixel.” The side-scrolling adventure features each member of the band as playable characters as you fight snakes and “wicked Medusas.” If that wasn’t enough, the chiptune soundtrack was written out by the band as well. The first song from the collection, an 8-bit version of their self-titled song “Medusa’s Disco,” will be available tomorrow. Check out the trailer below.

Even better? The band released the single “Medusa’s Disco” off the 8-bit, with more track releases and details to come. Download the single here, and listen below.

(Header image provided by Angel Dulak / @thespacebetween)

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