Media Blitz: Sept. 1-14

Every two weeks, we’ll be hitting you with the best media releases, spanning from comics to Netflix and everything in between.

Fly After 5 reporter Kevin says Angel Olsen is super cool and maybe they can be stylus pals.

‘Hidden Figures,’ Margot Lee Shetterly
During the most crucial years of the Space Race, three black women contributed vital mathematics and insight to successfully help NASA get to space. The stories of Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson and Katherine Johnson will soon be a major-motion picture, but read the book first to get history directly from the women that made it. Out Sept. 6.

‘Jerusalem,’ Alan Moore
Alan Moore is known mostly for his work in comics and graphic novels, with works like “Watchmen,” “From Hell” and “V for Vendetta” seemingly enough to retire on. However the old wizard (really) is up to his old tricks again with “Jerusalem,” a sprawling, 600k+ word count treatise on the goings on in Northampton, England. Expect history, government conspiracies and a whole hell of a lot more out of this one, if you ever get around to finishing it. Out Sept. 6.

‘Yoga Hosers’
If you haven’t seen “Tusk,” well, you may not want to, but you should see it before settling in for the disturbing display its sequel, “Yoga Hosers,” promises to deliver Sept. 2. Brought to you by Kevin Smith, the mind behind “Mall Rats” and “Clerks,” this really may not be anything like those movies. You know what, just look up “Tusk” on IMDb and you’ll understand.

‘My Woman,’ Angel Olsen
With the upcoming release of “My Woman,” Angel Olsen (pictured above) seems on the brink of huge success. Her first widely-released album, 2012’s “Half Way Home,” was quiet and reserved, informed mostly by her stay in the band of folk auteur Bonnie “Prince” Billy. However, in “The Waiting,” the album’s second song, Olsen seemed to be imbued by the ghost of Roy Orbison pining for a love that isn’t gone, just not quite right. Olsen seemingly followed that particular muse and style to her second album, the fantastic and emotional “Burn Your Fire For No Witness.”
The first singles from “My Woman” showcase Olsen’s deepening songwriting and production skills. Especially noteworthy is “Intern,” a synth ballad that wouldn’t have been out of place next to “Time After Time” on a cassette mixtape in 1984. Out Sept. 2.

‘A.I.M.,’ M.I.A.
After staying relatively quiet on the music front for a few years, it’s looking like we’ll finally be getting the new M.I.A. album soon, assuming she doesn’t leak it herself. Songs such as “Borders” show that M.I.A. is still fighting the good fight for excluded voices the world around. Out Sept. 9.

Childish Gambino himself will come to the small screen in Donald Glover’s directorial debut “Atlanta” on Sept. 6. The Georgia native wrote the series about the ATL rap scene, as his character Earn and his cousin come up as artists. Anyone familiar with Glover’s music career under the above-mentioned stage name may pick up on the fact that this is somewhat of a fish-out-of-water story.

‘American Horror Story’
It’s finally (almost) here. This sixth installment in the AHS franchise has been anticipated even more than before due to the secrecy of this season’s premise. Leaked photos from TMZ and the first six teasers lead obsessive viewers to believe the six season will be about the first colony, and may link back to the first season. In any case, Lady Gaga is back, so our calendars are clear for Sept. 14.

‘Batman: the Telltale Series’
Much like the fine folks at The Lego Group, Telltale Games has recently been trying to get their point-and-click hands on every successful franchise under the sun. Now, Telltale is taking a trip to Gotham City. Since Telltale’s games are more decision-making than punch-taking, expect the story to focus more on Batman’s alter-ego Bruce Wayne. Out Sept. 13. (PS4/XB1)
‘Bioshock: the Collection’
The first game in the Bioshock series was an absolute masterwork. Ostensibly a hybrid of first-person-shooter and survival-horror gameplay, it was a thinking person’s action game – a scathing takedown of libertarianism run amok, set in an underwater Art Deco wonderland-turned-hellscape. The sequel was a solid effort; the third in the series was a stunning reinvention of the franchise, taking the whole package to new heights. Out Sept. 13. (PS4/XB1/PC)

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