Meadow Men lead the Lancaster jam band scene

I stumbled upon Ephrata-based funk-jam band The Meadow Men on – where else – Facebook. Chameleon Club was advertising what was supposed to be a live show featuring the group, until Storm Jonas ruined everyone’s plans.

However, neither snow nor confusing one-way streets could keep the out-of-towners from coming to Fly for a performance, as well as a fun chat. The horde of early-twenty-somethings is a bunch of kind-hearted jokesters who look green, but have a mean sound.

Blayne Waterloo: Can we go around the room and have you all introduce yourselves?
Matt Wedd: I’m Matt and I play lead guitar for the Meadow Men.
Seth Glick: I’m Seth, and I play bass for the Meadow Men.
Donny Hartman: I’m Donny and I play drums for the Meadow Men.
Peter Nguyen: I’m Peter, and I’m lead vocals and keyboard.

Blayne: How long have you been performing together?
Matt: A year and a half. Donny joined us about six months ago.

Blayne: I have to say, after being on your website, you guys sounds amazingly clean for being together for that amount of time. Are you guys friends in real life?
Matt: Yeah, well, the story of Donny joining the band is really short. I was just on Facebook under “People You May Know,” and Donny was one of them, and he had drum sticks in his profile picture. So, I just messaged him, and he was like, “Yeah, I’m down.” And we started jamming, and it worked out really well.
Peter: With his drumming skills, we really got better, because I was drumming before –
Seth: He was singing and drumming.

Blayne: What can you tell me about your music? Obviously, you enjoy funk.
Matt: We like a whole variety of music. Classic ‘60s and ‘70s, and then there’s a totally new jam band scene that’s getting really popular and stuff. Peter especially and Donny and me are heavily influenced by some of those bands, like Papadosio.

Blayne: Are all of you from Ephrata?
Seth: [Seth, Peter and Matt] are from Ephrata, [Donny] is from Harrisburg.

Blayne: Where do you guys usually practice?
Matt: We practice down in Akron, at Peter’s house. He has a little setup in his basement that’s really coming together well. It’s got all sorts of gadgets.

Blayne: So, what’s your next scheduled show?
Matt: In February, we have a show with Flux Capacitor, Medusa’s Disco and Echoes Talk Back over at the Reverb in Reading. So those are two shows in February that we’re really excited about. Flux is a bigger band, they’re well-known.

Blayne: What are your goals as a group? Do you want to be big, or do you prefer being local and doing what you want?
Donny: I’d say we’d like to at least be able to sustain ourselves doing what we want. Not really reaching for the wealthiest of things, but at least being able to get by on doing what we love, as a group.
Peter: Yeah, and just constantly expanding, and seeing what we can do with music. Just doing it as an everyday life thing, because that’s what we want to try to do as a job.

Blayne: So what are you all doing for work right now?
Matt: I’m unemployed right now. I am just getting by. So, there’s that.
Seth: I clean carpets, with Peter.
Donny: I cook at Outback Steakhouse.

Blayne: It’s great to see normal people just trying to do what they love.
Matt: Thanks. This is exciting. It’s great to be in this type of setting, performing in a news scenario.

Have a favorite jam band from Central PA? Tell us in the comments.

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