Make sure your gift keeps on giving with the Extraordinary Give

Depending on exactly what holidays you’re observing this winter – if any – your exact wording on the reason for the season might differ. No matter who you are or what you’re celebrating, chances are you’re more acutely aware of your assets and advantages during this time of the year – and more aware of the many people who might need a little extra help. Saving the world is a tall order, but dozens of groups are working to make life better for folks locally. The Extraordinary Give enables those organizations to do even more good year-round.

What is the Extraordinary Give? Well, it’s a 24-hour period of online giving focused on helping charities and organizations in Lancaster County. It’s also opening tomorrow, November 20, beginning promptly at midnight. Thanks to a variety of sponsors, every donation given will be “stretched.” (Essentially, there’s a pool of pre-guaranteed donations thanks to those sponsors.) That “stretch pool” will be divvied out proportionately to the 365 eligible organizations benefitted by the Extraordinary Give – if a given organization receives 5% of total donations, they also get 5% of that stretch pool. Pretty great, right? And get a load of this list of causes – with a pool that wide, odds are there’s an organization working on an issue close to your heart.

Anyone with a credit card can participate in this giving extravaganza, and there are a lot of incentives to donate. For starters, seven “Golden Tickets” will be awarded throughout the day – if you’re selected for a Golden Ticket, an extra thousand bucks is added to your donation. If your donation is associated with an organization, you can also help push your organization towards the Grand Prize – $2500. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving. Check here for more info.

You choose who your money goes to – and, hey, if you’re feeling generous, you can donate to more than one simultaneously – the process, and more, are explained here. There will also be Extraordinary Give-related events going on all day throughout the city of Lancaster – from a 24-hour open house at the Eastern Lancaster County Library to food trucks at the Lancaster YMCA and more.

Remember your neighbors this holiday season – and, if you find yourself in a position to give back to the community, why not do it here, where every dollar given will go to work directly in Lancaster, and where every donation will count a little extra? Check the Extra Give homepage tomorrow, November 20, to start donating.

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Ed Hirtzel is the Summer 2016 Fly intern. She’s currently an English Honors student at Millersville University. Her hobbies include scribbling, writing both fiction and nonfiction, and compiling useless information about cryptids.

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