Make it a Double: Retro gaming from 1992

In honor of Fly After 5 becoming a bi-monthly publication, we’re here to bring you twice the Lancaster County fun. That means twice the music, twice the food and twice the arts and culture. Be on the lookout for our first two issues Sept. 1 and Sept. 15.

Your dear old Fly has gone through many iterations since its founding in 1992, from the Barfly to just Fly to Fly After 5, from three issues a month to one and back up to two again. Video games have changed just as exponentially with the times, perhaps even more so. To celebrate our next change, here’s two video games from 1992 that have aged like a fine 16-bit wine.

Kirby’s Dream Land

It’s hard to believe that the lovable pink ball is nearing a quarter-century of age, but Kirby has been huffing and puffing since ’92. Later entries in the series would take concepts like flying, power-ups and enemy design way into the stratosphere, but much like the original Mega Man, “Kirby’s Dream Land” lives on because of how easy it is for the casual player to pick it up and go. If you can’t locate the original Game Boy cartridge, try tracking down “Kirby’s Dream Collection” for the Wii, which not only includes this title but multiple Kirby classics including my personal favorite, “Kirby 64: the Crystal Shards.”


Mortal Kombat

It would be nigh on impossible to not talk about gaming in 1992 and not mention “Mortal Kombat.” History will remember the game that caused moral panic unlike what came before it. Sure, there were dozens of controversial video game releases before and after, but “Mortal Kombat” was the only one to receive a congressional hearing and guide lawmakers into creating the rating system still in place today, the ESRB. As far as gameplay goes, there’s a reason why “Mortal Kombat” grew to a national level in the first place. The game would garner dozens of sequels, right up to last year’s “Mortal Kombat X.” This one shouldn’t be hard to find at all, as it was ported and released on nearly every system from the SNES to PS3.


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Kevin Stairiker is a features writer for Fly. He is a graduate of Temple University and enjoys writing in third person. When he isn't writing, he's probably playing guitar for a litany of bands, reading comics or providing well-needed muscle at The Double Deuce.

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