Local theaters getting in on October horror fun

As the chill of October edges ever closer, so too does the season of horror films. While it’s always a blast to fire up your streaming deity of choice and fade into the folds of a couch, nothing compares to the chills you’ll get watching a scary movie on the big screen, especially if it’s an exhumed classic. As we prepare for our own jaunt through a month’s worth of horror (more on that later this week…), we’ve prepared a shortlist of local screenings taking place throughout October.

Penn Cinema has a lion’s share of showings, featuring classics like “Dial M for Murder,” The Shining” and “Halloween.” Curiously, they’re waiting until the first week of November to show “Alien,” but we won’t hold that against them. We are also especially excited for Zoetropolis and Mr. Suit’s double-feature showing of the first two “Creep Show” films, as well. For our money, though, no one is holding a candle to Midtown Cinema’s October schedule.

As more screenings get announced, watch this space for an updated list. For now, get your calendar out and start marking off days, because you’ll be busy this month.

Zoetropolis Theatre
(315 West James Street, Lancaster)

-Creep Show & Creep Show 2 (10/7)

Penn Cinema
(541 Airport Road, Lititz)

-Young Frankenstein (10/5)

-The Shining (10/23)

-Dial M for Murder (10/24)

-Rifftrax Live: Carnival of Souls (10/27 & 10/31)

-Halloween (10/31, duh)

-Alien (11/7)

Elks Lodge
(219 North Duke Street, Lancaster)

-Rocky Horror Picture Show (10/21)

Midtown Cinema
(250 Reily Street, Harrisburg)

-Poltergeist (10/1)

-Nosferatu (10/8)

-Dial M for Murder (10/9)

-Halloween (10/13)

-Troll 2 (Down in Front! presentation) (10/14)

-Corpse Bride (10/15)

-Haxan (featuring musical accompaniment by the Pittsburgh Modular) (10/15)

-Halloween II (10/15)

-Halloween III (10/19)

-Halloween IV (10/20)

-Beetlejuice (10/21)

-The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (10/23)

-Halloween V (10/27)

-Bloodlust! (Down in Front! presentation) (10/28)

-Rocky Horror Picture Show (10/29)

-Halloween & Halloween II (10/31)

Cinema Center at Fairgrounds Square Mall
(3050 N. 5th Street Highway, Reading)

-Shin Godzilla (10/11, 10/12, 10/15, 10/18)

-The Shining (10/23)

-Rifftrax Live: Carnival of Souls (10/27 & 10/31)



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