Listen to the first two songs from The Lonely Island's new film

The Lonely Island have been making us laugh for over 10 years now, if you believe it. Through three albums, dozens of SNL digital shorts and some non-musical film work, The 3 Guyz are finally making the movie they were destined to make: “Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping.” Though not starring Andy Samberg’s underrated “Blizzard Man” SNL character, “Popstar” finds Samberg playing the very-Bieberesque Connor4Real, a down on his luck former boy band star. Featuring cameos as diverse as DJ Khaled, Joanna Newsom and Seal, the movie is looking to be a blast and now we have an idea of exactly what Connor4Real’s music sounds like.

The first track, “I’m So Humble,” features Adam Levine and a distinctly Lonely Island beat that toes the line between real hip-hop and complete parody. The lyrics find Connor boasting about – what else? -how humble he is. The overblown Adam Levine chorus helps make it sound frighteningly like it could blow up the charts. The second, “Mona Lisa,” follows the classic Lonely Island trope of starting off relatively normal (a trip to Paris) and very quickly transitions to badmouthing Mona Lisa (Garbage Pail Kids, uncooked bread and basic bitches all draw allusions to the famous painting.

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping” comes out June 3.



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